• Insulated security lid – 1,500lb. rating
  • Dual independent locking mechanisms
  • 20’ 2 AWG positive vehicle-connection cable
  • 4’ 2 AWG negative grounding cable and 1” mounting drill screw
  • 20’ 14 AWG hard-wired auxiliary cable OR Quick Disconnect System*

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Discover a New Generation of Power

The most dependable, long-lasting full-size pickups trailing the American highways deserve a toolbox that will last a lifetime.
Now introducing a patented, all American made, alternative energy, emission-free, fuel-free portable power solution that delivers electricity and jump start capability wherever you need it.
With an ultra-efficient power source right at your fingertips, the CIC Powerbox dominates. It is the most convenient, clean energy solution that will keep you connected at all times.
The CIC Powerbox offers three loaded models: the Go Box, the Chest, and the Crossover.


Now more agile than ever.

  • Durable. Versatile. Secure.
  • The Go Box is now giving the mobile craftsman the versatility they need for their home or workspace.
  • Its robust, optimized storage design is weather-resistant and comes in bold, jet black or stainless steel. What’s under the lid?
  • Dependable. Capable. Advanced. The real highlights are what’s inside.


Seriously powerful productivity

  • Rechargeable. Reliable. Iconic Capability.
  • The ease of installation, maximum bed clearance, and superior durability makes the Chest box the most traditional truck storage option.
  • This aluminum full-size, extra wide box features a diamond plate pattern with a polished finish or a black powder upgrade. With seven cubic feet of storage capacity and dual independent locking mechanisms, your tools are secured, organized, and easily accessible.


Mastery redefined

  • When your job depends on your tools, you need a tool box you can count on.
  • Whether you are building businesses for a living, destroying them, or just a handyman- the CIC Powerbox Crossover design is intended for a man who is not afraid of getting his hands dirty.
  • With four compartment sliding trays, stereo system compatibility, and seven cubic feet of storage, this box sets the tone for excellence. This monstrous tool box is available in the classic, polished aluminum finish or you can upgrade with a black powder coat.


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